Friday Enrichment Classes

OFS offers an elective enrichment program on Fridays. A variety of classes are available for all ages, covering a broad range of content in the arts, second languages, technology, trades, and academics. Enrichment classes are taught by contracted community vendors who are specialists or professionals in their fields. Please contact the Receptionist and Enrichment Coordinator at the front desk for additional information and pick up a schedule of enrichment sessions, catalog of classes offered, and registration instructions. 

Our enrichment program will adapt to the state Covid-19 guidelines.


Students will be going outside to observe and identify local wildlife (insects, plants and animals) as well as noting the seasonal changes that can be found on the school grounds. Through field notes, sketching and watercolor, students will learn how to document their own observations of our beautiful environment over time. If there is enough interest, this could potentially become a year long class in which students will develop a nature study sketch book that documents their findings throughout the changing seasons. Classes will explore various art mediums such as graphite drawing, chalk pastels and watercolors to name a few. Our fun art themes will range from local wildlife to mythical creatures and will be influenced by seasonal holidays. Kids will leave each class session with a finished art piece in a new medium.


This class will lay a foundation of common traits among all computer languages while students explore their functionality through various projects.

Conversational Spanish

This class is designed to provide instruction for simple conversations and prepare students for a “virtual” or real visit to any Hispanic country. Each student will be able to practice with other students in a practical, fun application of the Spanish language with a focus on vocabulary, directions, food service and sightseeing. Miss Tania would like for all students to bring their Chromebooks to class.


Come discover nourishing eats for family chefs of all ages!  4 foods classes aimed at building fun and confidence in the kitchen.  Students will discover delicious ways to boost their immune system; fall in love with a simple pickling technique; create freezer meals to give Mom a night off; and find ease in whipping up some delicious fall treats.  Each class will come with a recipe collection and nourishing lifestyle tips so the learning can continue at home


Learn basic components of guitar playing. We will learn how to tune a guitar, play chords and songs, and learn rhythm and patterns. At-home practice is recommended and students will be provided with practice materials. Students must supply their own (appropriately fitting) guitars. Straps are suggested for ease of playing.

Lego Engineering

This class features LEGO STEM instruction for K-5th grade students. Each project built by your child will introduce science, technology, engineering and math. Whether it’s an electric gear drive vehicle or a robot walker, all projects are exciting, fun and educational.

Musical Theater

This class offers basic skill development in musical theater performance. Students will learn stage presence, stage singing, basic choreography, and acting skills. The session will conclude with a selection of musical theater songs in a final performance.


Sewing is a wonderful skill to learn and one that will be useful for a lifetime. Classes will teach your child the basics of sewing while having fun at the same time. Projects will include proper set-up of sewing kits and hand sewing. Upper grades will learn machine sewing. Learn how to read patterns, cut fabric, sew, and much more. Sewing machines are required for the 9:00 a.m. class for grades 6-12 and the 12:30 p.m. class for grades 5-12. Students will need to provide their own sewing machines.

Theater Acting

This class offers a basic introduction to acting and stage presentation. Students will learn a variety of theater concepts such as how to express emotions, learn about comedy and improv, understand body language, create scenes, and practice performing for others. This will be done through fun group exercises and games. Students will work on a scene to be performed on the last day of class.

Video Arts

This class offers an interactive film-making experience.  Learn storyboarding, sequencing, film making, scripting, lighting, composition and editing in a fun environment. Sample genres include stop motion, green screening, silent film, and story-telling. Students will produce a video project as a team.

Oregon Family School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran or military status, or any other status protected by law, in any of its programs and activities and provides equal access to the designated youth organizations in the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act. Click HERE to view the Oregon Family School vaccination rates.

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