We are currently accepting enrollments for some classes. Please email Laura Hildebrandt at info@oregonfamilyschool.com, for availabilities. The 2020/21 enrollment form is here.


Oregon Family School provides a unique tuition-free learning environment where parents must actively participate in the academic development of their children.

The program is provided at no cost to our families.

State education funds are used to provide curriculum, staff members, and learning materials.  We opened our doors in September 2018. Oregon Family School serves students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

The Mission of Oregon Family School is to prepare every child to have the knowledge, skills,

and resiliency to be successful in a rapidly changing world.



Oregon Family School (OFS) recognizes that students are individuals, possessing unique gifts and abilities. We recognizethat while it is important for students to develop skills they will need to make a full contribution in an ever-changing world, we believe it is a sacred trust to honor their unique gifts and abilities as we support them in the cultivation of their interests and strengths. This is especially crucial in middle and high school years, as students begin to chart their own paths toward adulthood.

The engine that drives our mission is the commitment to build and sustain strong relationships among stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the Board of Directors. It is through these connections that OFS is able to create an educational atmosphere where students and families are valued and parents are guided toward the best resources, methods, and materials for their children so that they thrive both personally and academically.


Learning Communities

Oregon Family School offers multi-age classrooms with small class sizes:

  • 15:1 student to teacher ratio for grades 1-12.

  • Our kindergarten classroom is limited to ten students.

Students attend their learning Community Day one time per week:

  • Choose either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

  •  9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

  • Half-day attendance options are available.

  • Virtual options are available.

The other four days of the week are home-based where parents work with their children following an Individual Learning Plan with oversight by a certified teacher.

School Climate

Oregon Family School will always strive to create a positive, supportive environment for our families. Our goal is to provide a wholesome, stimulating, and productive learning environment conducive to academic achievement and personal growth. We provide a pleasant and satisfying school situation within which your child(ren) can feel safe, cared for,

and supported by maintaining

these guiding principles:

  • Respect personal dignity and that of others.

  • Respect the rights and needs of ourselves and others.

  • Respect our property and property of others.

  • Value our personal health and safety and that of others.

Enrichment and Family Activities

The Enrichment program is offered

on Fridays in four-week sessions. We offer a variety of classes for all ages that are designed to be educational and fun!

On the Fridays between enrichment sessions, Oregon Family School will be offering fun-filled and educational school-wide field trips. The field trips will be specially designed for all ages and grade levels.

Allotment funds can be used to cover the cost of enrichment classes and field trips.

Other activities offered for our students are:

  • Battle of the Books

  • Book Clubs

  • Chess Club

  • Tutoring Club

How to Enroll

1. Contact our registrar regarding 

2. Fill out and bring the registration packet which can be found here, mailed to you, or picked up at our front desk.
3. If no prior cumulative records will be received from a previous school, a copy of your
child’s Birth Certificate and current Immunization Records, or a Certificate of Exemption
MUST be returned with the enrollment packet.
4. Upon enrollment, you will determine a Community Day start date for your student. You
will also receive a packet which includes a confirmation of enrollment letter, a school
calendar, and a student/parent handbook. The Instructional Coordinator/Teacher will
then schedule an appointment for you to meet and develop the Individual Learning Plan,
and your student will complete a baseline assessment.

Community Updates


Oregon Family School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran or military status, or any other status protected by law, in any of its programs and activities and provides equal access to the designated youth organizations in the Boy Scouts of America Equal Access Act. Click HERE to view the Oregon Family School vaccination rates.

Main Office: (541) 600-4946

Fax: (541) 668-6561


Bend Learning Center:

21530 NE Butler Market Rd. Bend, OR 97701

Redmond Learning Center:

224 SW 7th St. Redmond, OR 97756

Mailing Addess:

PO Box 335 Bend, OR 97709

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